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Chromatic Sun Ranch

A generative art collection inspired by scifi, fantasy, nature, and nft art.

Artwork by PixelBiome!!!

Developed by dt_crypto!!!

***5555 1/1 NFTs on the polygon blockchain.

***Permanent Storage on ARWeave

***Verified Contract – ERC-721

***Over 200 original art layers including 16 character types.

Each NFT Consists of 7 Art Layers.

Head, Headgear, Accessory, Suit, Eyes, Face Fill, and Background. Each has a unique combination that creates the Art that is CSR:)

Addition COMBO properties on the NFTs are for LORE, fun, and for easy group searches on opensea. Search Example is “Sword Duel”, any CSR with a Sword. Fun Example “Date Night” is combinations of fancy cloths holding flowers. LORE example “Transmission Received” Satellite headgear and a Teleporcone Background.

***Play the CSR Game  (Connect with Metamask on Matic Network to save progress and use CSR NFTs)

No purchase necessary. The game is for chill vibes fun. Newest Level is the Desert Cactus Mountain. Help recover the lost relics by battling the animals of the desert and delving into the 16 mazes. Fish Pond is a sandbox style level. Add fish and creatures to the pond and enjoy the lovely motions. Wait around long enough to see the pond at night. Use z and x in the pond to adjust you zoom views.

***Properties metadata included on opensea.

***Dedicated page to search the collection by selecting combinations of layer attributes.

Click Here To Play CSR Game – Desert Level is LIVE!

Make sure Metamask is on Matic Mainnet or your CSRs will not load.

The initial load time for the game page takes a minute or two! This is the BETA verion of Desert Level. If you spot any bugs there is a bug report channel in our Discord.

To use your NFTs in the Desert Level connect with Metamask wallet on Matic Mainnet. You can also play without a wallet however you need a wallet to Save game progress and data. No blockchain interactions happen after connecting. The game auto saves locally whenever you beat a Maze. Also High Score, Win Count, and Best Race Time, are all stored. Each NFT augments player weapon, character color, and background color. all 36 Accessories do something different. As well as some of the headgears. Have Fun!!!:) -High Scores listed below. We included 7 default NFTs so anyone can play! Play is Free, No Purchase Necessary – We made the game For Chill Vibes Fun!!!

Keyboard Controls: (Also Playable with a Game Controller)

Movement: Use Arrows, or A,S,W,D

Action: Space Bar

Press “P” to open menu to Pick CSR NFTs to Play with (5 at a time)

Press “K” to Toggle NFT equipped during game play

Chromatic Sun – Lore

Welcome to…

Chromatic Sun Ranch

Interdimensional Social Club


Nature Retreat

Chromatic Sun Ranch is a place to explore, interact, or just enjoy the natural beauty of this plane of existence. The ranches founders had a vision of anonymity and peace. The location is secret and very obscure at the far reaches of a collection of galaxies that intertwine just outside of time. Here at the ranch we are all friends. All here know, if you are here, it is with good reason. Those reasons vary from universe to universe but our guests all have their particular knowledge, refinements, and skills, and respect is paramount for all who enter.

Amenities are communal in nature and sleeping outdoors is encouraged. There are mountains and forests for hiking. Oceans for viewing pleasure as well as swimming. Many of the animals near the ranch have magical attributes. Most enhance your experience, but some may leave you feeling similar to many of the natural psycho-actives common to most animal cultures in the multiverse. If you wish to avoid these alterations simply request any enchanted item and keep it on your person. Either way be assured this realm is safe and all the mental faculties and state of your origin body and universe will stay intact; which is a guarantee you will not find with many other such endeavors throughout the cosmos; except possibly meditating with a Buddhist monk of the Milky Way galaxy, or taking a walk in the fields of smelling crystals common to the Andromeda Galaxy.

Friendly sword duels are arranged daily between all who wish to participate purely as entertainment and to keep combat skills sharp. Coffee and tea will be served. Firearms and “heavy tech” are not aloud at the ranch; in part as a matter of dimensional warp continuity, but also to uphold the vision of the founders who chose this location after a quite methodical search. Of course, we do offer satellite WiFi that covers the ranch and all natural areas within reason. However, due to the overlapping of the galaxies and time-space continuum distortions we simply mirror your local communications systems when you arrive and produce an exact replica for your studies if you so choose to do work, or for your own amusements. Messages may be sent via the teleporcone service once a day when the three suns of the major nearby systems coverage in a chromatic luminescence. We don’t expect all guests to simultaneously send messages. All messages composed or received will be transmitted during the convergences window and guests check and send correspondence at their leisure. Not to mention most guests and animals alike take pause for this celestial phenomena.

Transportation during your stay is provided via local teleportation beacons. Many enjoy hiking all over the ranch and its many natural surroundings. If your in a hurry grab a motorbike to zip around on location. It’s not recommended taking the motorbikes higher than 37,000 feet.

If you’re reading this correspondence your reservations and travel itinerary have been indefinitely reserved; less for the constraints particular to your universe and space-time calibrations.

Transmission Coordinates:ol36.;0%$gdko-:ojks8030^89dkj9*8-55555-Verification Cone Encrypted….

…..,Location:Indeterminate., …..Date: Indeterminate., ….Dimension: Indeterminate.

Traits Table

Art Layers Include- Head, Headgear, Accessory, Suit, Eyes, Facefill, and Background.

“COMBO” Properties were added as LORE, FUN, and to use as additional search parameters on Opensea.

“Rarity Number” is an estimation based on combined traits.

HeadTotal NFTsRarity
Epic Android460.83%
Mythic Cyclops921.66%
Legendary Elf1893.40%
Legendary Alien2113.80%
Rare Bear2825.08%
Rare Reptile3045.47%
Rare Tiger3145.65%
Uncommon Human with tongue Out4077.33%
Uncommon Human 34107.38%
Uncommon Robot4127.42%
Uncommon Vampire4147.45%
Human 44748.53%
Human 24768.57%
Human 14808.64%
Human 55109.18%
Human 65359.63%

Face FillTotal NFTsRarity
Epic Galaxy GN-z11100.18%
Mythic Galaxy MACS1149-JD1140.25%
Epic Reptile Blue140.25%
Mythic Enchanted Forest200.36%
Mythic Gold Vapor Wave220.40%
Mythic Magical Hummingbird Vision230.41%
Legendary Victory290.52%
Legendary Magic Claw330.59%
Legendary Balance410.74%
Legendary Dynamic Convergent460.83%
Legendary Silver Vapor Wave480.86%
Legendary Galaxy A1689-zD1530.95%
Rare Sun Cyclops561.01%
Legendary Three Suns Convergence601.08%
Rare Victory621.12%
Rare Alien Transport661.19%
Rare Double Reptile711.28%
Rare Three Suns Convergence Edge741.33%
Rare Mountain Island781.40%
Rare Calm Sea821.48%
Uncommon Beginning of Three Suns Convergence851.53%
Uncommon Shadow Sun871.57%
Uncommon Beach901.62%
Uncommon Shadow Planet911.64%
Uncommon Teleporcone Communication921.66%
Cool Red931.67%
Uncommon Chromatic Vapor Wave941.69%
Uncommon Green Circles951.71%
Uncommon Blue Cardinal Flower971.75%
Uncommon Peridot Hill971.75%
Uncommon Convergent Approach981.76%
Aqua Green981.76%
Green Way1031.85%
Frozen Blueberry1031.85%
Aphrodite Aqua1051.89%
May Apple1051.89%
Granny Smith Apple1071.93%
Green Pepper1081.94%
Cactus Mountain1112.00%
Red Way1112.00%
Dawn Star1152.07%
Magic Blade1162.09%
Warm Peach1172.11%
Warm Red1182.12%
Terracotta Stripe1232.21%
Teleport Beacon1232.21%
Violet Glow1262.27%

BackgroundTotal NFTsRarity
Epic Galaxy GN-z11120.22%
Epic Reptile Blue130.23%
Mythic Enchanted Forest170.31%
Mythic Magical Hummingbird Vision230.41%
Mythic Gold Vapor Wave240.43%
Mythic Galaxy MACS1149-JD1270.49%
Legendary Three Suns Convergence300.54%
Legendary Magic Claw420.76%
Legendary Victory430.77%
Legendary Dynamic Convergent440.79%
Legendary Galaxy A1689-zD1500.90%
Rare Mountain Island520.94%
Legendary Silver Vapor Wave550.99%
Legendary Balance550.99%
Rare Victory641.15%
Rare Double Reptile641.15%
Rare Three Suns Convergence Edge651.17%
Uncommon Beginning of Three Suns Convergence691.24%
Rare Calm Sea701.26%
Rare Alien Transport711.28%
Uncommon Chromatic Vapor Wave731.31%
Rare Sun Cyclops731.31%
Uncommon Peridot Hill841.51%
Uncommon Beach851.53%
Uncommon Green Circles861.55%
Uncommon Shadow Sun861.55%
Uncommon Convergent Approach951.71%
Aqua Green951.71%
Uncommon Shadow Planet951.71%
Uncommon Teleporcone Communication981.76%
Warm Peach981.76%
Terracotta Stripe991.78%
Green Pepper1081.94%
Cactus Mountain1091.96%
Uncommon Blue Cardinal Flower1112.00%
Cool Red1122.02%
Violet Glow1132.03%
Frozen Blueberry1142.05%
Warm Red1142.05%
Teleport Beacon1152.07%
Dawn Star1162.09%
Red Way1182.12%
Aphrodite Aqua1192.14%
Green Way1242.23%
May Apple1252.25%
Magic Blade1362.45%
Granny Smith Apple1372.47%

EyesTotal NFTsRarity
Epic Chromatic Sun Eyes310.56%
Mythic Red Eyes691.24%
Mythic Enchanted Spectacles761.37%
Legendary Gold Shades1272.29%
Legendary Gold Goggles1332.39%
Legendary Forest Shades1352.43%
Rare Lake Shades1963.53%
Rare Red Shades2043.67%
Rare Abstract Spectacles2083.74%
Rare Reptile Eyes2083.74%
Rare Goggles2113.80%
Uncommon Green Shades2564.61%
Uncommon Fierce Eyes2594.66%
Uncommon Abstract Spectacles2684.82%
Uncommon Chill Eyes2744.93%
Uncommon Spectacles2875.17%
Uncommon Thoughtful Eyes2905.22%
Yellow Pink Eyes3115.60%
Purple Grey Eyes3125.62%
Purple Pink Eyes3265.87%
Dark Shades3376.07%
Clear Eyes3406.12%
Soft Eyes3446.19%
Blue Eyes3546.37%

SuitTotal NFTsRarity
Epic Enchanted Spiked Battle Suit270.49%
Mythic Spiked Battle Suit330.59%
Mythic Enchanted Armor440.79%
Mythic Orange Pink Shirt Cryptonite Chain510.92%
Legendary Stripey Red Jacket731.31%
Legendary Purple Shirt Gold Chain761.37%
Legendary Granite Robes761.37%
Legendary Chromatic Vegan Leather Jacket861.55%
Legendary Gold Suit and Rose Tie901.62%
Rare Sandstone Robes1101.98%
Rare Dots Shirt Blue1162.09%
Rare Biker Jacket Tie1172.11%
Rare Lime and Pink Shirt Dark T Light Collar1172.11%
Rare Knights Armor1232.21%
Rare Funky Green Shirt Salmon T1302.34%
Rare Orange Leather Jacket1352.43%
Rare Dark Aqua Shirt and Dark T Pink Collar1382.48%
Rare Smokey Shirt Silver Chain1462.63%
Uncommon Brown Leather Jacket1542.77%
Uncommon Stone Robes1542.77%
Uncommon Stripey Techno Baja1602.88%
Uncommon White Suit and Rose Tie1602.88%
Uncommon Light Shirt Red Swirl Dark T Light Collar1622.92%
Uncommon Dark Shirt Neon Green and Dark T Light Colar1632.93%
Uncommon Dots Shirt Orange1642.95%
Uncommon Aloha Shirt1703.06%
Uncommon Colorful Suit and Rose Tie1713.08%
Uncommon Dark Purple Shirt and Dark T Dark Colar1713.08%
Dark Blue Shirt White T Dark Collar1793.22%
Fabric Shirt1833.29%
Smokey Shirt White T1903.42%
Light Shirt Dark T Light Collar1903.42%
Purple Shirt and Dark T Gold Colar1973.55%
Stripey Jacket White2003.60%
Suit and Rose Tie2123.82%
Stripey Blue Black Jacket2153.87%
Dots Shirt Green2203.96%
Suade Jacket2213.98%
Knights Armor2324.18%

HeadgearTotal NFTsRarity
Epic Beast Horns90.16%
Epic Enchanted Sun Helmet90.16%
Epic Space Suit140.25%
Epic Dark Halo160.29%
Epic Gold and Ruby Crown190.34%
Mythic Mask Gold210.38%
Mythic Abstract Drawing Cap210.38%
Mythic Pink Hair Silver and Turquoise Tiara270.49%
Mythic Sun Helmet290.52%
Mythic Tiger Claw Helmet290.52%
Mythic Silver Halo350.63%
Legendary Frozen Motorcycle Helmet450.81%
Legendary Space Suit470.85%
Mythic Motorcycle Helmet Gold470.85%
Legendary Silver and Turquoise Crown520.94%
Legendary Mask Orange Red561.01%
Legendary Golden Humming Bird571.03%
Legendary Light Beam Horns581.04%
Legendary Enchanted Knights Helmet591.06%
Legendary Yellow Hair Red Tiara601.08%
Rare Galaxy Rodeo Hat651.17%
Legendary Abstract Baller Cap Violet711.28%
Rare Blue Horns761.37%
Rare Hologram Helmet761.37%
Rare Blue Butterflies801.44%
Rare Big Cats Top Hat811.46%
Rare Gold Beast Horns841.51%
Rare Gold Birdcage861.55%
Rare Glow Fedora881.58%
Rare Diver Mask901.62%
Rare Eclipse Enchanted Arctic Coat911.64%
Uncommon Gold Halo941.69%
Uncommon Galaxy Baller Cap991.78%
Rare Big Cat Fedora1001.80%
Uncommon Purple Hair Tiara1011.82%
Uncommon Curved Hat1041.87%
Uncommon Red Rodeo Hat1051.89%
Uncommon Mask Blue Red1061.91%
Uncommon Dragonflies1071.93%
Uncommon Sun Helmet1081.94%
Uncommon Ninja Ski Mask1081.94%
Uncommon Dog Hunt Cap1112.00%
Uncommon Blue Fedora1172.11%
Ninja Mask1232.21%
Rodeo Hat Black1282.30%
Uncommon Green Horns1292.32%
Space Suit1352.43%
Knights Helmet1362.45%
Arctic Coat1372.47%
Red Horns1392.50%
Black Neon Cap with Horns1392.50%
Old Top Hat1422.56%
Humming Bird 21422.56%
Yellow Butterflies1452.61%
Flying Monkey1482.66%
SciFi Drawing Cap1522.74%
Motorcycle Helmet Black1522.74%
Dark Pink Cap1542.77%
No Headgear1542.77%

AccessoryTotal NFTsRarity
Epic Purple Quadruple Laser Eyes220.40%
Epic Enchanted Chromatic Akimbo Swashbuckler Swords260.47%
Mythic Enchanted Sword and Shield390.70%
Mythic Enchanted Akimbo Swords430.77%
Mythic Magical Flying Beaked Whale480.86%
Mythic Magical Humming Bird510.92%
Mythic Magical Fish Pond591.06%
Legendary Dragon Smoke Pipe921.66%
Legendary Magical Forest931.67%
Legendary Two Birds in Hands951.71%
Legendary Dragon Akimbo Ninja Swords1021.84%
Legendary Skull Akimbo Swords1051.89%
Legendary Pink Double Laser Eyes1101.98%
Rare Binoculars1372.47%
Rare Forest1502.70%
Rare Green Laser Eyes1512.72%
Rare Akimbo Swashbuckler Swords1512.72%
Rare Red Smoke Pipe1522.74%
Rare Beaked Whale1532.75%
Rare Bird in Hand1542.77%
Rare Akimbo Ninja Swords1632.93%
Uncommon Skull Sword1763.17%
Uncommon Tree2053.69%
Uncommon Sword and Shield2063.71%
Uncommon Laser Eyes Yellow2063.71%
Uncommon Lake2103.78%
Uncommon Pipe2113.80%
Swashbuckler Sword2294.12%
Humming Bird2404.32%
Ninja Sword2474.45%
Full Moon2494.48%
No Accessory2634.73%
Laser Eyes Red2714.88%

RarityTotal NFTsRarity

COMBOTotal NFTsRarity
Brave Cyclops10.02%
Awakened Cyclops10.02%
Forest Chillin20.04%
Lake Chillin30.05%
Alien Landing30.05%
Transmission Received40.07%
Double Snow Flakes40.07%
Free Bird40.07%
Monkey Tree40.07%
Tripple Dragonflies50.09%
Rare Reptiles50.09%
Space Walk60.11%
Blues Brother60.11%
Golden Cool70.13%
Double Humming Birds140.25%
Cosmic Cool250.45%
Incognito Cyclops641.15%
Date Night661.19%
Nature Headgear72813.10%
Head Armor90316.25%
Body Armor135724.42%
Sword Duel170830.74%
Nature Accessory222440.03%
Nature Fill276249.71%

Common TraitsTotal NFTsRarity

Uncommon TraitsTotal NFTsRarity

Rare TraitsTotal NFTsRarity

Legendary TraitsTotal NFTsRarity

Mythic TraitsTotal NFTsRarity

Epic TraitsTotal NFTsRarity